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The CERDC consists of fully equipped testing and research laboratories, namely Electrical Testing laboratory, Mechanical Testing Laboratory, Physical Testing Laboratory, Chemical Testing Laboratory, Mineralogy and Product Testing laboratory.

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Electrical Testing Lab
(132 kv class)

  • Visual Discharge Test
  • Impulse Voltage with stand Test
  • Wet Power Frequency Voltage with stand Test
  • Puncture Test
  • Impulse Voltage Test
  • Flow Detestion Test
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Mechanical Testing Lab

  • Visual Examination
  • Dimension Verification
  • Temperature Cycle Test
  • Electro-Mechnical Failing Load Test
  • 24 hour Mechanical Strength Test
  • Porosity Test
  • Galvanizing Test
  • TMT Bar/Angle Plate/Pipe Tensile/Bend-Rebend Test
  • Hardness & Toughness Test
  • Compresssion of Tile/Bricks/Cube etc.
  • Insulator Type Test as per Indian Standards
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Physical Testing Lab

  • pH Examination
  • Fired Color
  • Partical Size Analysis
  • Wet & Dry Sieve Analysis
  • Viscosity Test
  • TGA/DTA Test
  • Dilatometer
  • Green & Fired MOR Test
  • Grit Content Test
  • Moisture Content Test
  • Impact Strength Test
  • Reflectance Test
  • Dry & Fired modulus of Rupture Test
  • Dry & Fired Shrinkage Test
  • Apparent Density & Porosity Test
  • Bulk Density Test
  • Water Absorption Test
  • Crazing Test
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Chemical Testing Lab

  • Chemical Analysis of all Ceramic raw meterial like cly, Dolomite Quartz,Feldspar, Cement,Gympsum and POP & Finished Products by classical instrumental methods
  • Chemeical Analysis i.e. SiO2,Fe2O3 ,TiO2,CaO,MgO,Na2O,K2O & LOI
  • Testing Of Heavy Metals in Water
  • Testing Of Petroleum Products

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Contact Details

Karni Industrial Area,
Pugal Road,

Email: info@cerdc.com
Website: www.cerdc.org


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