Technical Management

Policy :

CERDC is having a Technical Manager appointed by Project Director. He has overall responsibility for the technical operations and the provision of resources needed to ensure the required quality of laboratory operations.

Technical Management Authority in the areas of tests covered by the Quality Manual is assigned to the persons (HODs) shown in CERDC/LAB/SIGN/F-26. CERDC/HR/FUNCT-C-03 shows inter-relationship of all personnel who manage, perform or verify work that affects the quality of tests.

Duties of the Technical Manager
  • Project director is the reporting authority of the Technical Manager.
  • Is/are knowledgeable of the scope of all processes under their supervision
  • Provides the necessary resources (personnel, equipment, supplies) for the quality assurance program, in order to ensure confidence in the laboratory's results
  • Ensures equipment is maintained and calibrated, reporting all deficiencies (e.g., equipment malfunctions) in the appropriate manner
  • Ensures personnel are trained for the duties they perform - includes substitutes when regular personnel are absent
  • Maintains current job descriptions
  • Maintains records and manages all aspects of testing activities

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